1. Standalone Divorce Service Instructions

To use this low fixed cost service, both you and your spouse must agree that there will be no defence to the divorce petition and that you will both co-operate with the court process.

Here are the easy steps you need to follow to commence the divorce proceedings:-

1. Complete Registration Form

In the next section you will need to provide us with some basic personal information such as your name, address and contact telephone number. We require this information to send you our questionnaire that will assist in completing the relevant court forms.

2. Payment

Upon completing the registration form you will be transferred to PayPal where you will be required to pay the fee of £149. This process is safe and secure and doesn't require you to have a PayPal account.

3. Questionnaire

Once you have made the payment, we will send you our questionnaire to complete.

4. Court Fees

When you return the completed questionnaire, you will need to need to make a further payment of £550, again using PayPal if you do not pay by cheque, to cover the court fees or send a fee remission application.

5. Case Transferred to Solicitor

Once we have received your questionnaire and all fees have been paid, your case will be personally conducted by a solicitor.

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