Why Choose LowCostDivorceSolicitor?

We can't heal the damage caused by the breakdown of a marriage, but we can help you to come to terms with the divorce process and costs associated with it.

Experience and Expertise

We are solicitors. We do not employ or sub-contract to 'trained' or experienced unqualified personnel. Only qualified solicitors conduct your divorce.

Every petition is completed on your behalf by a fully qualified solicitor based upon the information provided directly by you. No one else online provides this total service and advice at such a competitive cost.

Best Value for Money Divorce Service

We will do your entirely uncontested divorce for £149. We normally charge £70 per hour for advice and assistance. An uncontested divorce will normally take 3 hours making a cost of £210. The amount we charge for our fixed low cost service means that you save over 40% based on our normal rates. Based on a high street solicitor rate the saving can be as much as 80%.

We believe that this is the best value for money solicitor service anywhere in England and Wales. We also believe that our cost is comparable to most unqualified providers and referral or do-it-yourself services.

Legal Jargon Free

We do not use legal jargon. We explain the process of, and implications of, divorce in straightforward terms.

We use a modern approach and are indeed more approachable than most other firms, whether they are online or not.


You will recieve all the letters, forms & advice necessary to support you during an uncontested divorce included in the service. However should your cause become more complicated we will provice additional support to allow your divorce to be completed.

Additonal Support

We have our telephone lines open from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm on weekdays. You can also meet with us using facilities provided by Skype during these times.

Our e-mail service is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity during the next opening hours.

We make additional charge when you contact us using the fixed low cost option. Should the process become more complicated we endevour to return your case to the uncontested service as quickly and efficiently as possible. The cost depends on the amount of additional support required. Cost for additional support starts from £7.

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